Fear of Falling

Wide open spaces or enclosed places I Don’t feel good anywhere

Don’t wanna go don’t wanna be don’t wanna do anything If you’re not there

I feel this paranoia and I hear these voices

When you’re not around

I need you to calm me out and bring me down


But I got

no fear of falling

No fear of falling

No fear of falling in love with you


I get nervous in crowds

I jump at loud noises on the street

It’s not that I hate people it’s just all these

Goddamned strangers I gotta meet

I’m scared of being robbed, I distrust cops

Somebody could knock me out

Could catch a disease, I need some pills please

Oh Woody Allen would be proud


I’m scared of relationships

Oceans and sinking ships

Your blue waters drag me down

And maybe I’m drowning but

Dovi It’s sounding like

you’re never coming back around

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