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Stunt Lover

“…Dublin based band Stunt Lover is probably the most honest and heavy thing you will hear today. Kay Bear Koss’s voice is terrifyingly sincere and intense bringing to memory Swans and Cave’s early ears with The Birthday Party. ”
-Eclectic Magazine [UK]

In debut album ‘Aldona’s Daughter’, Dublin-based, trans-fronted punk trio Stunt Lover…have crafted an uncompromisingly sincere and intense document. Sonically, Stunt Lover favour buzz-saw guitars and driving rhythms, topped off with Kaylee Bear’s impassioned howl…”

-Golden Plec Review, Jan 2018

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Loves Knives 

Loves Knives [Ama Dagas] is a solo project of experimental audiovisual narratives.



30,000 Years and Counting…




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