Love Letters From Strangers II {Yellow Envelopes}

As I

 watched you running

 down that hallway I

 Found my self


 There goes

 the woman I love


The other day you told me that

you felt you’ve won the lottery.

moved by your words,

wanted to share something as well

so here goes:

I remember once talking

about my hesitancy

to get involved in any kind of more

serious relationship, and already

back then I always saw myself as very

independent, self-sufficient, complete.

I didn’t want anyone

in my life just to tick a box

“plus one.”




at the same time I always had this

inner knowing -not belief

[or hope]

but a knowing, a certainty- there is something

magnificent waiting for me;




I have to be patient and

get ready

for that. Don’t get me wrong-

I never believed in

“the only one,” “the only

love” in one’s life.

But I always believed

in liberating, empowering and inspiring

love. And that’s how I feel since the day I met you,

no idea I can be


so passionate, affectionate, spontaneous


And even though you say that sometimes

I’m spoiling you with the things I say,

the words I use are not

accurate enough to adequately convey

how much I admire you.




And though I miss you, there is this firm calmness and knowing inside me

Knowing our love and respect,

understanding and acceptance is mutual and sincere.

I love you and thank you for being in my life.

always yours,

always yours,

always yours



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