Sky Below

You’re whole, you’re so complete

I bet you’ve found all that you seek.

Tell me what that’s like to be

Tell me lies I can believe  ‘cuz

You’re the strangest angel I’ve ever seen

You look like the devil dancing in my dreams

Get thee behind me

I need no Revelation to see


Sometimes I think about what my father must think of me

Or the time her mother said this phase will pass naturally

My brother knows how to fight a war

But he doesn’t even know what a brother’s for

Her brother, I’ll never know who he is

Is he married, does he have kids? So

Step with me to the edge of the world- An

Outside boy and inside girl

The ice was thick over the phone

Burn the ticket I’ll never go

To Lithuania


Some days I look in the mirror

she holds up to me and I disappear

I know I fucked it all up when

took a head full of trouble and typed it in. So

Step with me to the edge of the world- An

outside boy, an inside girl

My earth shook for Skybelow

Erase my face, I’ll never go

To Lithuania

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