Superstitious Girl

Magpies in the churchyard Saturday morning holding mass

Caw-calling out salvation to all the sinners that walk past

Shoes have been left on the corner, just more victims from last night

their tongues cut out, their soles are broke, but they put up quite a fight

this is what the world has to offer as I’m passing by;

plastic bags do pirouettes just like you and I as we’re


dancing ‘round the subject, making eyes across the table

we both know what we want to say and know we are not able

our fingers meet a moment nothing else that we can do

think I’ll have another drink, think you should have one too


Go ahead

it’s on me

I don’t mind

I’ll do whatever it takes just to make you make some time


Now I know you never were a superstitious girl

I’ve suffered all your questions and theoretical worlds

some folks called this true love, and others called it fate

but if we want the answers, have to hurry up and wait

cuz it’s gonna take a little time and authenticity, but darlin’

those are two things that you never had to beg from me

you’re a bull with stormy eyes hiding in a lion’s den and

you’re drowning dragons in the oceans of ink within your pen


so let’s put the voodoo dolls and love potions on the shelf

with a little patience think we can work this out ourselves

dancing ‘round each other like particles through space and

stars shone a million years ago to light your face


just tonight

next to mine

and I’m trying

to do whatever it takes to make you change your mind

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